Vive le Canada
by married to Canada do you mean your 2p?

I-I’m married to my country!!!! Shhhh!!!

Who yeah married to Mattie?

To Canada of course!

*gets down on one knee* will you marry me?

I’m sorry! I’m already married! 

Can you speak French fluently?

Of course! It is one of my official languages! (of course Francis scolds me when I dont speak it the ‘proper way)

What do you do when your brother is really upset?

Comfort him, what else?

I would love nothing more than to see you and Matt in speedos posing next to a pool during winter time.

Matt and I always swim one last time before winter really starts! It’s tradition!

are you on hiatus?

Soory aboot that, eh?

What happens when somone touches/pulls your curl? (Sorry just curious ^^")

Let’s just say its like an off or on switch!

How did you meet Matt?

I’ve met him many times, I just didnt know it! 

Have you or anyone you know ever had encounters with angry geese?

I’ve warned him so many times.